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Monitoring and Evaluation

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i). Conduct a baseline study on existing policies and standards of all empowerment schemes in the State.
ii). Liaise with relevant Ministries on standardization of empowerment and wealth creation schemes in the State to strengthen the supply-chain
iii). Establish milestones(time lag) and targets for measurement to provide basis for monitoring
iv). Monitoring the Ministry’s programmes and projects to ensure that it aligns with the Work plan on a quarterly basis to identify performance gaps
v). Develop Performance Management Reports and Impact Assessment Report
vi). Monitoring & Evaluation Performance Review systems to ensure effectiveness for better performance results and outcomes.
vii). Tracking and analyzing strategies to determine the achievement of Ministry’s goal
viii). Rendition of Quarterly, half-yearly and yearly Performance appraisal Reports
ix). Partnering with Monitoring & Evaluation specialists and specialized institutions to provide training for staff and relevant M&E partners.
x). Collect, collate, analyze and disseminate relevant data

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